Agency operatives, Na Yontsu and An Sangeen, continuing their observations of Shin Woo and Ikkan; both of whom prove to be difficult subjects. Shinwoo because he seems to have made a habit of going to PE hungry and exhausted. Ikkan because his computer skills are not exactly something he uses in social studies class. Yontsu again expresses impatience with their assignment, and Sangeen encourages her be grateful that their assignment leaves time for their side project.

Meanwhile RK-4 are continuing to observe and investigate who these agency people are and why they have come to the school. Takeo gets little from his observation of the agents but Tao manages to dig something up from his investigation of they agency objective. He immediately heads over to tell this mysterious "something" to Raizel and Frankenstein but finds that they have stepped out.

The scene then switches to Raizel and Frankenstein on a rooftop. Frankenstein once again tries to convince Rai to go into hibernation. Rai declines saying that he wants to spend some more time in the place Frankenstein has made for him, a place that Frankenstein created specifically so he could experience a normal life, and wonders if that's greedy of him. Frankenstein continues to look worried but assures him it isn't.

Then Rai's phone rings, signifying that it's time for his late night snack. And he starts the journey home, looking quietly awesome as usual, as Frankenstein watches in silence until he mentions to his lord that their home is in the other direction.

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