Frankenstein's household has gathered round while Tao shares the info he has found out about the two newbies in the locality. Na Yonsu and An Sangeen are members of the KSA, a Korean Government Agency in charge of managing special circumstances regarding non-human beings, beings with special powers etc and has direct link with the Union. They can intervene anywhere in the name of national security and manipulate data to ensure keeping public in the dark. The scholarship program can only mean that they are recruiting young people. It's a program in its early stages being carried on for 3 years. Tao also shows them the shortlisted candidates: Shinwoo, Ik-Han. This becomes a serious issue. As they can't charge directly so Frankenstein tells Tao to investigate more and the gathering is dismissed. Later Frankenstein is seen worried 'cause if the children become KSA employees, they won't lead a normal life anymore and will find out the truth which might disturb his master's wish of living in that place. One wrong move will prove fatal. Raizel breaks through this chain of thought and tells Frankenstein to make the right decision prior to his wish. The next day, Yonsu and Sangeen sets up a trap to reveal Shinwoo's true potentials. Some trainees are sent to make a situation and pick a fight with Shinwoo. As the children (with the exception of Rai) return from school, they are confronted by some big bullies and one of them intentionally fells Yuna and Suyi. Shinwoo addresses the ajussi who does that and a fight seems to be in order. Although Yonsu thinks Shinwoo might get badly hurt, she is forced to think otherwise after he shows his true color.

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