The two investigators are quite impressed to see Shinwoo taking on the trainees and beating even the professionally skilled fighters. After the big boys are all beaten up, Shinwoo and others leave the scenario. Just when Yonsu and Sangeen are about to move too, a surprising visit is accorded to them by the special security of Ye Ran High School. Tao politely asks them for a few moments to converse. As Sangeen intends to avoid, M-21 rounds him and tells to get out of the car. Then the two are directly attacked with the question of why their associates attacked the kids. Sangeen and Yonsu are surprised how they have noticed that. M-21 accuses them agitatedly but Tao covers up for him saying that as they are the special security, they patrol the area for the students' safety. Sangeen passes this saying they've got permission from school to test kids and hired those thugs but didn't mean to harm the kids. He apologizes for doing so. But M-21 is not liking this misunderstanding pretending game and he doesn't hesitate to reveal his dislike. This time, Yonsu starts for it and tells him they have sufficient reason which is even supported by the school. M-21 tells her to shut up and makes it clear that he doesn't care for any reasons. An argument would have followed but Sangeen stops Yonsu and takes her away, taking all the blame on themselves and apologizing. Tao and Takeo, on the other hand, try to control M-21. Later the trio reports the situation to Frankenstein. Knowing that M-21 opened his mouth, he understands that there was a conflict (as M-21 has a nasty temper). He also guesses that M-21 had been openly hostile and provocative regardless of the consequences. While the trio wait for some sort of punishment or warning, Frankenstein approves M-21 for his action of letting those two know that they were not permitted to harm the children. He furthermore plans to use this incident as an excuse to refuse to co-operate them.

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