The Headmaster refuses to cooperate any longer to Na Yonsu and An Sangeen on their assessment. He tells them that he has heard about the incident which put his students at risk. Sangeen tries but is unable to change the headmaster's decision and so decides to inform their superiors about the situation. As they take their leave from the headmaster's office, Frankenstein rejoices in his success of using the turn of events to his advantage. Tao, Takeo and M-21 pass by the dismissed teachers and walk into the office to find their boss in a cheerful mood. They celebrate with tea and Frankenstein does not forget to invite his master to join as well. Meanwhile, Sangeen and Yonsu informs the refusal of Ye Ran's chairman's assistance to the director. As the director accuses them for lack in handling even the smallest situation, Yonsu redirects those accusations to him telling that the reason for their failure is because of unskilled trainees sent to them. The director doesn't argue but assigns them another task: to guide some important guests from the Union who are coming in South Korea; the reason of their coming, unknown. The same news reaches Dr. Crombel, though in a much informative way. The 12th elder has decided to send Cerberus, his elite guards, to investigate in South Korea. It seems he has suffered much reprimands among the council of elders for the invasion in Lukedonia and has decided to take drastic measure. Now that the elite guards are coming, he thinks that things are going to be interesting.

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