Frankenstein's household is spending a tea-time together and analyzing the recent activities. Frankenstein has been getting requests from the government for permission on assessment but has declined so far. Na Yonsu and An Sangeen cannot be seen anywhere near the school premises or the children's houses. Their devised attack on the children has caused the trio to suspect that they were assessing Shinwoo in particular. Since Shinwoo has defeated the thugs (who were KSA trainees in real), it can be conjectured that KSA has taken interest in him. While deliberating on such intense issues, Tao barely notices that he has something more important to worry about as he has committed a serious crime ~ ate all the delicacies from Raizel's plate!!

Meanwhile, Yonsu and Sangeen wait as their guests delay. Yonsu, who is now quite impatient, is reminded by her partner that their Doctor told them to be extra cautious handling the guests. Suddenly a plane zooms into view and lands. Out comes the elite guests they have been waiting for: Cerberus. It's a group of four people,accompanied by someone we've seen before (guess who?). Yuri exchanges greetings on behalf of his teammates and they set off with their guides to investigate the big crater. Hearing that their guides have no information whatsoever on that incident as they were forbidden to investigate, Yuri decides to start a fresh research on the whole thing.

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