The doctor starts to worry about the reason behind Director Lim's order to stop any investigation on the earthquake (actually it's vibration caused by a Cerberus member's power). Suddenly the Cerberus show up at the doctor's lab, and start to take control of it. Though the doctor declines at first, he starts to falter after he realizes that they are Union Members. He then starts to worry about the consequences if the Union has access to the KSA database.

Frankenstein warns everyone to be extra careful of the KSA. He allots the protection of the children to Regis and to Seira, and prompts the trio (M-21, Tao, Takeo) to be more careful. He then tells M-21 that he shouldn't feel guilty about fighting Yonsu and tells him that he would be more disappointed if he had consciously admitted defeat as they were now his experiments. Raizel, then, tells him that trusting his own judgement and action would be enough. Later on, Frankenstein tells Rai about the RK-4, making Rai blush.

That night Na Yonsu and An Sangeen come masked, to the school building on Yonsu's request. M-21 finds Yonsu and decides to take her on.

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