The KSA Doctor heads up to the Director's office to complain about the Union people only to find the office in shambles and the Director frustrated and powerless to do anything about it. The level of strength the Cerberus people had shown was just to far beyond them.

Back at school premises, Na Yonsu and M-21's duel starts up. She incrementally raises her strength to see just how strong he is, until she inadvertently redirects a kick with more force than she intended and hits him hard enough to send him through a concrete wall. To her amazement, when the dust clears, not only is M-21 still standing, but the only real damage the attack did was to his suit. Both Yonsu and Sangeen are stunned by this because it confirms that he isn't a normal human. M-21, still seeming very unconcerned, states that he now realizes that she wasn't trying to get into the school but rather she is here to fight him.

Sangeen doesn't have time to dwell on this however because Takeo appears behind him and asks about his identity and intention; and despite the non-threatening questions, his eyes look cold and hard. It seems Sangeen has found his dance partner for the evening.

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