Tao, having infiltrated the database of KSA, has found out that there is no record of Na Yonsu and An Sangeen as enhanced humans. This means that they had been experimented on in total secrecy. According to the rules of the Union, even the minor modification of any human part has to be approved by them. However, human enhancement has been going on in KSA without the Union's acknowledgement. Suddenly Tao receives a signal from Takeo and leaving his current audience, rushes to the school grounds to check on what's happening.

Meanwhile, the fight is getting more intense as now Yonsu and Sangeen face M-21 and Takeo, knowing that they are modified humans. Both sides use their modified power to undermine each other. M-21 notices that the school building is being damaged. So, he uses his partial physical transformation to enhance his strength and keep his opponent away from the school. Yonsu is taken by surprise. After realizing the fighting potential, both of them present each other with the same question: You're from the Union? Sangeen, who deems it would reach the Union's ears if they cause any more chaos, decides it best to leave the grounds for now and tells his partner to withdraw. To his dismay, Tao appears, leaving Sangeen with no other option than fighting their way through. Suddenly, Yonsu stops him and pulls off her mask...What is she planning to do?

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