M-21, Tao, and Takeo stand before an unmasked Na Yonsu and An Sangeen. Surprisingly it's Yonsu who speaks up and suggests that they stop, since they don't want this fight to escalate further. Tao picks at them a little by asking if it's the KSA agents that don't want it to escalate and wants an explanation of their motives before they go. Yonsu bristles a bit at that and demands to know their motives for operating in her country. Tao reveals that he knows that they are enhanced humans affiliated with the KSA; which alarms the agents and causes them to more strongly demand answers about why people like them have "infiltrated a school".

This talk of "infiltrating schools" however, starts to make M-21's "nasty temper" boil up again. So he cuts them off with "people like them don't deserve answers". Yonsu in turn continues to demand answers. But Tao calls their bluff and suggests they report the incident and, by the agents' reaction to this, confirms that they are not registered enhances humans; and calls them out on it. Tao further suggests that the best arrangements is for them all just to keep quiet about what they know about each other since it's in nobody's best interest for their secrets to leak out.

This still leaves the sticking point of them being at a school though, and Yonsu isn't willing to let that go; calling into question whether or not the students will be safe. M-21 snaps at this and pretty much yells at her that people who were trying to ruin young people's ordinary lives, by recruiting them into some secret program without their knowledge have no right to question anything. Seeing this emotional outburst, both agents seem to accept that, whatever RK-4's motives, they are no threat to the students. Sangeen agrees to Tao's terms for now and they retreat. The RK-4 are left staring at the damage to the school and dreading the explanation they are going to have to give to a certain blond fellow.

Back with at the site of the mess Rael caused, Yuri assigns 2 Cerberus people to stay with the KSA (Ked and Lutai); apparently wanting them there to "tame" the KSA. As Yuri shifts through the remains of the area he finds and earpiece belonging to Tao and notes that he is alive but lies to the Cerberus people about it.

Meanwhile back at the Frankenstein's house Tao and the others brief him and Raizel on the night's events, which Frankenstein seems to think worked out well. Then they break the news to him about the mess. He takes the news hard and has to sit down for a moment. Rai gets up and pats him on the shoulder which probably help ease some of his sorrow.

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