The KSA doctor tries to keep the two Cerberus goons away from anything he thinks could lead to them discovering the KSA's secrets. But when he tries "you don't have the authority" reasoning on Ked, the response he receives is to be picked up by the throat; which sets off security to flood into the room and attempt to restrain the Cerberus people.

The attempt does not go well at all. They start with a form of high-powered laser darts which have no effect. Ked takes them out effortlessly with a shock wave. Then they escalate to bullets which also ricochet as harmlessly off of them as raindrops off of an umbrella. Then three registered modified security personal show up. In response, Ked releases a powerful kinetic shock wave that blows out the side of the building. Then he laments at how weak opponents they were, since it forced him to hold back so much.

Just then Yuri and the other Cerberus members show up and stop things before they can go any further. Ked assures them that he avoided damaging anything useful and that he is pretty sure he avoided killing anybody too. But they ignore and rather refocus on the investigation. Yuri says he found nothing at the site, omitting the information about the earpiece and they decide that they will just have to do things the hard way and investigate every incident that occurred in the city since Crombel's visit.

Meanwhile, back at Frankenstein's house, while the RK-4 are discussing their precarious truce with the KSA agents, Regis walks in and expresses curiosity at why M-21 gets so worked up over the KSA. Takeo and Tao explain to him that, as human experiments themselves, watching an agency like that doing the same to others is something they just can't ignore; and that if M-21 hadn't fought them first both of them would have done the same. Then M-21 starts to apologize again but Regis cuts him off , saying that his question was curiosity not criticism. Tao then affectionately refers to him as No.3 which instantly annoys Regis.

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