The KSA has finally decided to co-operate with Cerberus fully and unconditionally, realizing they are no match in terms of power.

A most unexpected accident occurs at Frankenstein's place ~ a cup of tea slips from Rai's trembling hand!!! This incidence rouses a significant, belated question that Frankenstein asks his dear master: what happened 820 years ago that compelled him to enter sudden hibernation? Comprehending Frankenstein's anxiety, Rai reveals the past.

820 years ago, a situation arose that he had to use his true power. It so happened that the clan leaders who betrayed the current Lord, had put Rai in danger back at that time. The traitors not only caused the betrayal but used Rai as well, leading the current Lord to believe that Rai was the one leading the betrayal. There was no other way than separating himself from the nobles and retreating to hibernation for a while.

Hearing the truth, Frankenstein vows to punish those misdeeds for the unforgivable crime. However, Raizel doesn't want his follower to return to wrong path because of himself and says: "To drain my life as I use my strength...such is my fate."

This emotional conversation faces a sudden interruption from Tao, who arrives to give the news that KSA has been attacked. They assemble where Tao projects the scene of devastation. He has a further disturbing news to give; Cerberus, the strongest military unit of the 12th Elder, have come to Korea along with Yuri. Frankenstein deems it a bad condition as of all times, it had to be when his master is weak.

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