Tao explains details to everyone about Cerberus and their strength. DA-5 was supposedly a copy of Cerberus but with much less strength. Even all the members of DA-5 together couldn't have defeated one member of Cerberus. Frankenstein assures M-21, Takeo and Tao that they are stronger than before and shouldn't worry about the old statistics and tells Tao to conduct a detailed research on Cerberus's arrival and their aim for attacking KSA.

An Sangeen and Na Yonsu arrive at the site of Frankenstein's battle and are worried about not having any information on Cerberus. 4 members who were injured in battle with Cerberus finally died and others are also in critical conditions. Finally An Sangeen decides that its better for them to stay with Cerberus rather than other agents. After meeting with Cerberus, An Sangeen talks to them in an aggressive manner, which leads to him being attacked. Later, he tells Na Yonsu that he is going to meet with Tao, Takeo and M-21.

Later, Cerberus members tease Na Yonsu asking her if why she is angry and if she likes An Sangeen. Na Yonsu insults the guy who injured An Sangeen, telling him that An Sangeen is her husband.

"He's my husband,.. You Jackass."

Yuizi stops the fight from increasing by claiming it was natural for a wife to get angry and telling their member to stop. Elsewhere, An Sangeen reaches Ye Ran and meets Yeran Special Security.

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