Frankenstein in one of his labs, waiting for something and resolving to keep his master from fighting until he "finds a way"; presumably to restore Raizel's vitality.

Elsewhere, Ked and Lutai are heading up to Sangeen's room to kill him. When they get to the room, however, they find him missing and pretty quickly work out that this whole thing was a trick and that he must be an enhanced human. Ked ends up blowing out the side of the building in a fit of anger.

Meanwhile at the school, Tao, Takeo, and, M-21 are sitting around digesting the information they good from Sangeen after the latter has departed. Tao, in a display of his impressive analytical thinking, works out that these Cerberus people must be here to investigate Crombel's activities and decide to call and inform Sangeen of this.

But when Sangeen returns to KSA, he finds his room in flames and both Ked and Lutai waiting for him. He uses an energy-blade attack to create a cloud of dust to evade them temporarily. As he is hiding, he receives Tao's call. But before Tao can give him the information, he simply says that he was found out and is now being pursued by Cerberus; and as such the deal they had is off due to the "inconvenience" it would bring to them. Then he crushes the phone.

On the other end of the line, Tao tells the others what he was told and considers what to do now, as Frankenstein has left him in charge. It is his decision to make and he asks his friends if they will follow him. They both dismiss any doubt, having complete faith in him. Then Tao tells them to take..... masquerade masks! Announcing that "RK-4 is off to rescue their allies", while Takeo and M-21 stare at the masks and appear to have a whole lot less faith in him all of a sudden.

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