After confirming that Regis is helping M-21, Takeo consumes D and goes to help Tao. Ked, seeing that a new fighter arrived there, asks them if they are in same league. They start discussing about M-21's injuries which makes Ked angry for being ignored. Regis then insults him for acting inelegant further provoking him to get more aggressive. M-21 and Regis dodge Ked's punches and attack him in co-ordination with each other, injuring him. Regis, who is now more mature in attack style, thanks to Karias who had told him to keep on learning before he left Lukedonia; his improvement from the time he fought Kranz is obvious. M-21 and Regis' coordination is about to bring down Ked if not for the intrusion of Rodin. Rodin explains to his teammate that the opponents he has been fighting are Crombel's men. As their Elder is on the way, he decides it best to eliminate the troublemakers and end their mission before his arrival.

Another Cerberus member is also on her way to the location where Lutai is engaged in a battle. Suddenly Yuri, who's right behind, aims a power shot at her. After the shock of betrayal she is further surprised to find that she is unable to regain power to counterattack while Yuri gets ready to finish her off.

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