Na Yonsu is surprised to see that M-21 was able to attack and injure Ked even though he himself is injured. She wonders if he was hiding his true powers when they fought. Rodin arrives and insults Ked for losing. He questions Yonsu about KSA's affiliation with M-21 and the others to which she claims that they have no connection with KSA. Rodin gets ready for battle stating that they will find out everything eventually.

Rodin attacks Yonsu with his trident which she manages to dodge initially but later on she still gets hurt. She is about to get struck down but Sangeen attacks Rodin, diverting his attention. Ked, getting back on his feet, informs Rodin that he is a modified human who is not registered in the database. Sangeen and Yonsu attack in collaboration, causing large destruction, but Rodin escapes unscathed and counterattacks them injuring both. Suddenly Regis arrives, injured from his recent fight with Rodin who tells him that his resistance is futile and he should give up. Regis, already worn out, gathers enough energy for one last attack and decides to use mind control along with it since Rodin has dropped his guard. Rodin manages to block at the last instant and thus reduces the damage he obtained. He attacks Regis but before he can finish him off, the 12th Elder arrives there along with the captain of the Cerberus. The Elder expresses his disappointment in them.

Elsewhere, Raizel comments that he can sense a familiar aura in the direction they are heading to, making Frankenstein wonder about it.

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