Ked and Rodin, quite taken aback at the sudden arrival of the 12th Elder and their captain, explain that they have been fighting Crombel's men and Lutai and Yuizi are supposed to be doing the same. Rodin further points out the KSA agents who have been helping Crombel's men. At this, the Elder feels smug having destroyed the KSA headquarter as well as murdering all employees except the director before coming here. The Cerberus captain, then, throws the bodies of unconscious Tao and Takeo which she have collected on her way but kept alive for questioning. Then she displays her fury to see her subordinates in such worn out condition just because they're fighting the likes of Crombel's creations by beating up both Ked and Rodin mercilessly.

After educating her subordinates never to humiliate Cerberus, she proceeds to bestow the same to one of the masked men of Crombel (Regis) but is stopped by the Elder who questions him of Crombel's mission. Regis tells him point blank that he has no idea of what he's talking about as he's not linked with Crombel. The captain knocks him out and repeats it to M-21 when he chides her for wanting them to say they are Crombel's even though they aren't. Her continued and ruthless blows weaken M-21 and Regis, rendering them immobile. Upon acquiring permission from the Elder to kill, she uses her weapon, which the others name as Death Scythe (for it never failed to kill), on Regis.

The final blow is struck and when everyone is thinking all's over for Regis, the smoke clears to reveal the owner of the original Death Scythe hovering with Regis on her shoulder. Seira, as well as Frankenstein and Raizel has entered the vicinity.

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