The battle scenario changes as Seira, Frankenstein and Raizel enter to everyone's surprise, especially to Yonsu and Sangeen who until then, had thought of them as ordinary humans. Rai senses a faint presence of Roctis, a traitor clan leader, coming from the Elder. The Elder also has an uneasy feeling and orders Taze to finish all of them quickly. Frankenstein reminds his master not to engage himself in using power and Seira takes the stage to face off Taze, the Cerberus captain.

Taze attacks but is quickly pushed back by Seira. Then Taze starts boasting about her own weapon. Seira in response takes out the real Death Scythe. Taze mocks its appearance declaring that hers is far better. Seira simply responds that she has no interest in Taze's death scythe. This infuriates Taze who attempts to overpower Seira with a scythe stroke. Seira brandishes a counter-strike with the true Death Scythe which is far more powerful, resulting in shattering Taze's scythe into pieces. Defeated by Seira, Taze collapses.

The loss of his strongest subordinate infuriates the 12 Elder and he decides to eliminate them all himself and tells Rodin to keep any from escaping. Frankenstein asks his master for permission to take care of this. Rai agrees and grants him permission to use full power.

As Frankenstein unleashes his aura, everyone notice the tension in the air. Even his footsteps leave marks of his black aura as he approaches the 12th Elder. On his way, he politely tells Seira that he will handle the rest and asks the 12th Elder what a Union Elder is doing here. Rodin takes offense at the question and charges. In response, Frankenstien turns the man into a pincushion with his dark spears and lets out an evil chuckle.

Frankenstein continues forward, chiding the elder for letting his injured underlings fight his battles. The 12th Elder gets pissed and growls the words "You insolent little...” Frankenstein walks up and stands toe to toe with 12th Elder with a huge evil grin on his face, since he has dared to call him names. Rai lets out a sigh knowing what is to follow as the one-on-one combat is about to start.

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