KSA agents arrive in the area, where the fight is going on. No one is allowed near the building, even officers or KSA agents are supposed to stay away till they get any further orders. Some of the agents try calling the headquarters but to no avail as no one is answering. They even ended up losing any contact with Na Yonsu. Some agents try to calm people to prevent any panic but are disrupted by an explosion on the top of the building, which leads them to wonder what is going on.

On the top of the building Frankenstein meets the 12th Elder. The Elder is easily provoked and attacks Frankenstein, but to his surprise, Frankenstein attacks back with equal force. Yonsu and Sangeen are surprised to see that Seira, student of Ye Ran High School, defeated the captain of Cerberus so easily and the chairman can fight a Union Elder as an equal. As the fight continues, Frankenstein starts overwhelming the Elder and forces the Elder to reveal his true form, that of a monster.

Seeing that form, Frankenstein reveals the truth behind Elder's power claiming that he is a modified human, who after modifiying his body entered a contract with Roctis. This shocks the Elder, who questions about how does he know about his powers. Frankenstein tells him to shut up and releases the Dark Spear, which prompts Yonsu and Sangeen to wonder if he is a Devil.

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