Frankenstein remembers the instance when he first met Roctis Kravei. Roctis warned Frankenstein that he doesn't care about his past but he will not forgive if he does any harm to Raizel. Then Rai appeared and met Roctis. Remembering this makes Frankenstein angrier, because Roctis not only tried to kill Rai but also used him and now 12th Elder, an underling of Roctis is taking his master hostage.

The Elder is very happy that he took Raizel hostage and believes that Frankenstein cannot do anything now. Tao and Takeo, who were unconscious also wake up and explain that they were attacked by a woman and lost as they were already weakened. They are shocked to see Elder's true form and wonder if they are hallucinating. M-21 tells them that its real and he is yelling at Frankenstein.

The Elder continues his taunts and even asks Frankenstein to throw away his weapon. Seeing that his body is healing, he readies himself to escape from there. He claims that he will use all the power of Union to find out about them. He then warns Yonsu and An Sangeen that he will also destroy the KSA. Yonsu argues that the situation has nothing to do with them but he boasts that it doesn't matter because he is an Elder of Union. When he states that its reasonable that they get killed for opposing an Elder, Rai gets angry and questions him about how taking lives is supposed to be reasonable. Rai uses a Blood Field and asks him "Who gave you the right to take another's life?”

The Elder realizes that the aura belongs to a Noblesse and someone even stronger than Roctis. Everyone is shocked at the sight of the blood all over the city. The Elder questions him and ask, if he’s the the Lord and tries to bargain information on the Roctis. Seeing no response, he attacks Rai with an energy beam, but to no avail. Rai states that he has forfeited his right to existence and the cyclone of blood destroys the Elder, as everyone else watches.

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