Roctis Kravei is in a televised meeting with all the other Union Elders. They are discussing about the 12th Elder's death and the circumstances surrounding it, after which they agree to concentrate their efforts on finding out the identity of the one who killed him.

At Lukedonia, the Lord and the Clan Leaders have received word of the battle with the Elder and Roctis' involvement with the union.

Meanwhile at Ye Ran High School, Agents An Sangeen and Na Yonsu have come to see Frankenstein as he previously requested. Sangeen thanks M-21, Tao and Takeo for helping them in the fight against Cerberus. They meet up with Frankenstein, who used his personal connections and medical expertise to help out the KSA and its director respectively.

Finally, at the Frankenstein household, Frankenstein gives Rai a ring that was created from the same powers as Dark Spear. It is meant to augment the power of the seal Rai received from the Previous Lord, in order to prevent Rai's power from constantly leaking out. The ring seems to work as expected although Rai is a bit concerned about the color of the ring. The chapter then ends with the gang settling down to have a happy meal together.

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