The two clan leaders gaze with wonder at the dark weapon summoned by Frankenstein. The Dark Spear is an imitation of the soul weapons. Long ago, some humans found out about the soul weapons and how they're formed from the souls of clan leaders. They tried to imitate and reproduce similar weapon and after years of trial and error, humans were finally able to replicate soul weapon, creating the Dark Spear. It was possible, however, through sacrificing innumerable human lives; either in the name of wars or epidemics. Relating its history, Frankenstein uses the time to tame the weapon for fighting. Gejutel notices that the weapon is too unstable to handle and it could swallow up Frankenstein's soul. But Frankenstein has already decided it to be a worthwhile payment if he could prove that humans are far from being weak. With this, the conversation stops and the battle commences once more.

Ragar attacks Frankenstein with Kartas, accompanied by his own blinding speed and doppelgangers. Frankenstein counters it with his brutal dark projectiles and finally finds the real Ragar using his Dark Spear. It's only for a short while as Ragar regenerates plenty more doppelgangers and after Frankenstein dissipates them one by one, he sadly discovers that he hasn't managed to wound the real Ragar at all.

Meanwhile, the Dark Spear has started swallowing Frankenstein's soul and the dark power spreads all over his body. He goes beyond control with his power rapidly increasing. This time, Ragar realizes that it'll be impossible for him to capture the uncontrollable Frankenstein alone. So, he asks Gejutel for aid. At this, Gejutel summons his soul weapon, Legasus and both clan leaders land attack on Frankenstein before he begins his rampage.

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