The combined attack of Gejutel and Ragar Kertia creates such an impact that ground shakes and sound echoes throughout Lukedonia. However, as the smoke clears, darkness consumed Frankenstein proves his presence with his dark projectiles. To the utter astonishment of the two clan leader, even their combined attack using soul weapon could not take out the human. Ragar, once again, acknowledges their Lord's wisdom in foretelling that it would require two clan leaders' efforts to capture that human alive. So, they decide that Ragar will play the decoy and Gejutel is to go for the attack. Ragar paces up and avoiding Frankenstein's dark spears, he engages him to a close combat. Meanwhile, Gejutel raises the level of his power and gets ready for a massive charge which he delivers on Frankenstein creating quite a collision.

This time, the smoke clears to reveal a ragged and worn out Frankenstein, looking quite human without the dark aura seizing him. Gejutel acknowledges that he is indeed dangerous to both humans and noble. Such level of power can only be attained after sacrificing plenty of human and noble lives. At this, Frankenstein shows no remorse, rather says that the nobles he sacrificed should be gratified that they were used as experiments. It was nobles who formed contract with humans, made mutant for their own greed. Gejutel shows disbelief and Frankenstein retorts that such nobles were present among the knights who were sent to capture him. He further tells that contracts are formed even by the clan leaders. Someone has to clean up all the mess and if nobles can't clean it for themselves, he will. Saying this, Frankenstein gestures to something behind the two clan leaders who turn around only to realize that they've just been fooled. Their captive has fled.

Frankenstein makes his way through a forest and a gigantic mansion crops up in front of him. Guessing there should be plenty of rooms to hide, Frankenstein enters the mansion. He finds a room with clothes and changes into one of those to get rid of his ragged ones. As he marches along the corridor, wondering how dark the place is and where the servants are, a young man (Rai) walks up to him. Frankenstein quickly puts up a smile and tells that he has recently joined there and is lost at the moment. All Raizel says is that the clothes Frankenstein is wearing belongs to him. Realizing his blunder and trying to compensate, Frankenstein apologizes to Rai and asks for his guidance. Rai turns back and walks away, leaving Frankenstein quite puzzled.

Elsewhere, Gejutel asks Ragar not to let anyone know how they've been fooled by a human, as the two of them keep on looking for the fugitive...

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