The chapter starts with Tao and Takeo showing Frankenstein the footage of the house captured through the various CCTV cameras installed by Tao which, Frankenstein comments, he did not know about. He then asks Tao what it was that the computer expert wanted to show him. Tao shows him M-24 behaving strangely and explains what M-24 did when he was supposedly sleeping. Since nothing conclusive can be made of his actions, Frankenstein orders them not to tell M-21 about it.

Meanwhile, in the KSA building, Tao and Takeo is informed about the impending arrival of a Union investigation team, which unexpectedly includes not one but two elders, to investigate the death of the 12th Elder.

Back at the house, M-24's health deteriorates further and out of desperation M-21 pleads for Raizel to help M-24 in the same way Rai helped him; by awakening M-24's dormant power. Frankenstein objects to this, clearly outraged by M-21's request. He explains how awakening drains the life force of his master and directly asks M-21 if he is asking Rai to spend his life force for M-24.

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