Frankenstein demands M-21 to answer his question: should Rai risk his own life to save M-24? M-21 is shocked and doesn't say anything. Raizel interrupts them saying that; if M-21 wishes, he could awaken his comrade. Frankenstein is surprised by his master's statement and requests him to change his decision. M-21 refuses the offer and leaves. Frankenstein asks Rai not to try and awaken M-24 as his case is different from M-21's who had a lot of potential. Rai apologizes for always causing Frankenstein to worry and says that he wants to protect the lives of those who live with him.

M-21 goes back to M-24 but is surprised to see M-24 working on the computers. M-24 tries to prevent any suspicions by claiming that he just wanted to know what is wrong with him. He further tries to investigate by asking M-21 about who helped modifiy him but M-21 puts answering for later. M-24 then tells M-21 that he always refrains from answering his questions. The statement make M-21 notice that M-24 behaving differently. Seeing that, M-24 suddenly turns back to normal.

On top of a building, Yuri is shown telling another Union agent, Bonerre, how often he visits the country. The agent tells him to leave if he cannot stand it but Yuri tells him that he cannot as the higher-ups have commanded him to join the mission for he is the one who knows the details of the incident. Bonerre tells him that he did not expect that members of their team would work in cooperation so soon. After some more small talk, Bonerre leaves. Yuri is left wondering how M-24 is faring.

Back in the Frankenstein's laboratory, M-24 is wondering what happened to him. He has noticed that his own strange actions happens unconsciously. He experiences another headache and he suddenly turns toward the computer and starts searching for information again.

In the computer room, Tao and Takeo witnesses M-24 searching the computers again through the CCTV footage.

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