Tao calls M-21 and Takeo and shows them the security cameras of M-24 researching on Frankenstein's computer in the lab. M-21 is shocked to find that Tao has been spying on his partner, upon which Takeo says that it is Tao's habit of installing the security measures and not even Frankenstein has noticed them initially. M-21 then confesses that he saw M-24 looking at the computers and advised him against it for which Tao shows him the feed that he went back to the research even after M-21 warned him. Tao and Takeo then get a call from KSA and head out asking M-21 to keep an eye on M-24. Frankenstein then tests M-24 body and says that his body is stabilizing slowly and all the damage done is healed.

Then M-21 and M-24 head-out for a walk where they meet the kids and kids and M-21 greet each other. After M-21 and M-24 pass, children feel that they find M-24 familiar. Later M-24 questions M-21 if he knows those kids, but M-21 claims that they never knew kids like that before.

Elsewhere the airplane carrying the elders land and the 10th Elder and 11th Elder meet Yuri. The 10th elder then says that their guests have arrived at which stage we see Seira J. Loyard and Regis K. Landegre.

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