Yuri's sudden appearance startles Tao and Takeo who are caught red-handed in planting misleading evidence. As the two think of getting away using their enhanced abilities, Yuri is joined by Bonerre . Yuri has asked him to come for assistance to capture alive the two who managed to subdue a Cerberus member. This is shocking to Tao and Takeo because until now they've thought their enhancement was unknown but Yuri's revelation proves they were mistaken. Yuri's knowledge on them makes it more difficult to stage an escapade. Still, Tao and Takeo attempt to get away merely managing to pull off a lead in the chase.

Tao and Takeo dash away. Knowing that they won't be able to win facing those two as Yuri has hidden his true powers all along and the new guy should be just as strong, Tao takes out his cell phone to let the others know about this situation. But their chasers have caught up with them and so Tao destroys both his and Takeo's phones. Bonerre aims a shot of energy at them and is answered by Takeo's bullets. He notices that the bullets aren't regular ones and they damage nerves. Yuri who has been staying put to observe, steps up and a two on two fight breaks out. Tao and Takeo consumes the enhancement capsules given by Frankenstein and face their opponents. Takeo's enhanced speed does little to Bonerre who easily avoids and discharges a blast that engulfs Takeo. Tao gets distracted at this and Yuri seizes the opportunity to shoot him. However, Tao blocks it and Yuri aims a more powerful shot. Tao proves his strength again only to receive an even stronger attack from Yuri; this time Tao collapses. Takeo shouts at his fallen mate and channels his anger to pull out an effective attack on his opponent. Getting slashed, Bonerre is raged and powers up for attack after he double checks with Yuri that he can do whatever he likes to with Takeo as long as he doesn't kill him in the process.

At Frankenstein's lab, M-21 realizes he can't ignore his duties and leave Tao and Takeo just because M-24 has come back alive. So he departs to do what he should have long ago, leaving M-24 in the lab alone.

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