M-21 gets no response from Tao or Takeo as he keeps on trying to reach them on phone. So he decides to go out and check on them. On his way, he stops by the living room, noticing Raizel who's been reading till then. Rai gets up nodding assertively as M-21 asks if he wants to come along.

Meanwhile, Bonerre crushes Takeo's leg to stop his agile movements and brings him down quickly with his energy blasts. Then Yuri asks Takeo if he knows Ms. Loyard but then jumps to the original question of how Tao and he got so strong. Takeo keeps his cool telling Yuri how annoying he is and asks for death. Yuri shows a glimpse of his fury, crushing Takeo's uninjured hand and discharging excessive energy to put him out unconscious. Yuri decide to keep those two bodies for Dr. Crombel 's experiment and tells Bonerre to hide them for the time being. He assumes that they might have other visitors acquainted with Tao and Takeo. To hide what they've done here, they need to frame the others who're coming. So, Yuri asks Bonerre to inform the Elders and bring them here as soon as possible while he'll be away to take care of something else.

In an alley, Yuri meets M-24 and tells him to snap out to his real self. Yuri reveals that he's originally Mark , a member of the same assassination team that he himself belongs to. He has assumed M-24's identity to extreme extent in order to fulfill his mission of infiltration. Seeing that it's no good telling stuff to bring back Mark to senses, Yuri attacks to awaken him. He is stopped by Mark who has finally awakened. Mark chides Yuri to wake him up when he's so close to perfectly complete his mission. Yuri says there's a change of plan and he needs to fulfill his mission asap.

Frankenstein, Regis and Seira are dumbfounded not finding Rai where he usually sits reading. Elsewhere, Rai and M-21 looks up the empty safehouse where Tao and Takeo came earlier. The bullets prove that there was a clash between two groups and they look further. On the location of the battle M-21 and Rai come to a sudden halt as they are spotted by the two Elders and Bonerre.

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