At Frankenstein's house, M-24 aka Mark finds the entire place empty. Recalling what Yuri said, he set on finishing the mission quickly.

Elsewhere, Frankenstein has entered and the battle scene changes. He aims spears at the two Elders sending them back and retrieving his master from the spot. Raizel tells him that Tao and Takeo have disappeared. Frankenstein replies by saying he'll take care of everything. The 11th Elder tries to attack but Frankenstein hits him back with one of his spears. The 10th Elder finds it interesting how the 11th Elder got pushed back and so address Seira about the identity of the company. He assumes they are 'the others' involved in the previous elder incident and accuses Lukedonia of hiding info. In turn, he is accused by Frankenstein since the Union also hides info from Lukedonia. When asked about his identity, Frankenstein frankly replies that he doesn't bother answering them. He further hurls insulting words at the Elders calling them low ranks while (M-21 deems he must have undone the seal on his brain too) the Elders churn their fury.

After getting permission from the 10th Elder to stop withholding, Muar charges at Frankenstein. Muar's energy shot is answered by Frankenstein's spear. Muar slashes at Frankenstein but the latter avoids it. The blow falls on a building and it gets sliced apart. Muar taunts saying he wanted to cut Frankenstein's pretty face and aims a kick followed by random attacks. As Frankenstein gets hit by the frantic Muar, M-21 thinks that he's gradually was being pushed back. Muar becomes more and more arrogant and teases his opponent about what has become of his previous confidence. He aims a final attack but Frankenstein answers with a sadistic grin, trapping his opponent. He sends Muar flying and attacks him with spears from all sides causing a massive blast. The silent spectators can't believe Frankenstein has been acting all along as he had planned to trap Muar.

However, the smoke from the blast clears and a scarred Muar emerges, chiding Frankenstein to have hidden his powers. Then he brings out his own by a full-body transformation. Frankenstein doesn't seem the least bit worried as he summons his own weapon: The Dark Spear. As the weapon emerges from lightning, the 10th Elder wonders if it's a soul weapon but for its dark power while Muar is struck with the weapon before it even reaches Frankenstein's hands. As Muar lets out a noise of pain, Frankenstein reveals more of his savage self. Rai sighs seeing all this and remarks it cumbersome as he feels Frankenstein is turning crazier.

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