Rostere wonders at Frankenstein's weapon which seems like a soul weapon of a clan leader but he is left with no explanation as to the dark power and the identity of its owner. Bonerre understands why Crombel has told to witness what happens as well as finding their identities. It is worthwhile watching someone who has powers that compels 11th Elder to transform. The fight continues with Muar, now throwing his energy discs and Frankenstein evading them as well as counter-attacking. Muar finally admits his opponent is not weaker than himself.

Rostere is impressed the way Frankenstein is using his powers and showing skillfulness in battle. The chance of Muar getting defeated is increasing as Frankenstein has crippled his stance. However, Muar notices it a bit too late. Frankenstein taunts Muar on his looks and his spectators stand in awe. M-21 thinks his taunts are nothing compared to Frankenstein's while Seira suggests Frankenstein used it to get the Elder worked up and take advantage of it to grow the power difference. However, Rai comments that it is normal for Frankenstein to be like that. He used to give troubles to clan leaders as well. Frankenstein gets more and more agile and vicious. His attacks force 11th Elder to be pushed back. M-21 asks how he achieved such battle skills and Rai replies that Frankenstein used to fight almost regularly with Ragar Kertia back when they were in Lukedonia. As the battle starts to get one-sided, Frankenstein's attacks land on Rostere and Bonerre as they 'happen to stand there'. Rostere decides to use it as an excuse and aims at Frankenstein from behind. However, his attack is answered by Seira who reminds him of her presence.

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