Rostere gets up on his feet. Recollecting himself from the fact that there is one person more powerful than the rest, he assumes that Raizel is a clan leader. Then he blames Lukedonia of being underhanded. Regis retorts back at Rostere that it was he who wanted to sacrifice human lives for his own protection. At this, Rostere boldly replies that he's an union Elder ruling over the humans; a few humans should be proud to be sacrificed for their ruler. Deciding to use up his life force to take down Rai with himself, Rostere charges at him. To his shock, Rai stops him with his one hand. Seeing such ability, Rostere mistakes him for the noble Lord. Thinking that he'd be the one to take down the noble Lord, he transforms himself to a living bomb and explodes. Frankenstein deems his master's body state would certainly deteriorate further if he withstands such power. To everyone's surprise, Rai encases all the energy and diminishes it.

With the Elders annihilated right before his eyes, Bonerre is at a perilous state - how he would fight someone he is even scared to face. Rai directly questions him about the whereabouts of Tao and Takeo. Frankenstein urges his master to go home and take rest, assuring that he would handle the rest. He notions M-21 and Regis to accompany Rai. Before leaving, Rai tells Frankenstein to bring Tao and Takeo without fail. As they leave, Frankenstein grins at Bonerre and asks him to guide him and Seira to the other two.

Elsewhere, Yuri is killing his spare time hitting the bound up duo (Tao, Takeo) and complaining about his boring state of following orders, making plans and life without a girlfriend! Tao mockingly suggests he should try enjoying his leisure. Yuri replies with a kick on Tao's face and with a blush on his own that he has decided to give serious thought about his future after meeting Miss Seira. Takeo tells him to drive out that thought since Seira won't pay any damn attention to the likes of Yuri. He receives more blows from Yuri for his advise. Then Yuri leaves them to check out what is happening with the others.

On the way, Yuri catches a glimpse of the movement of three people heading towards the hideout. Bonerre is forced to lead Frankenstein and Seira to Tao and Takeo as he has been promised to be introduced to Dark Spear otherwise.

At home, Regis brings tea for Rai. When Rai reaches out to pick up the tea cup, his hand trembles. Regis is worried for his health and just then M-21 drops another bomb of a news: M-24 is missing!

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