Dr. Crombel exalts over the data collected by Mark and deems he would soon surpass the 9th Elder who claims the seat of the best researcher. Meanwhile the 9th Elder and Roctis wonder who accompanied the Loyard clan leader to bring about the death of both 10th and 11th Elders. Whoever it was, they think the matter would be cleared up now that the 5th, 7th and 8th Elders are sent.

At Frankenstein's lab, Tao and Takeo are recovering fast after their awakening. Frankenstein tries to cheer them up with some moral support but all of them know what has been spent in the process. The data that has been stolen contained small but vital amount of Frankenstein's original research material. Seira has informed Lukedonia of current situation but no reply has arrived yet. Saying that all they can do for now is prepare for the upcoming battles, Frankenstein takes his leave. M-21 keeps on blaming himself for everything but Regis stops him and says they have no time to spare dwelling on the past. They must prepare in their own ways to gain enough strength to fight so that they do not become burdens anymore. As everyone take their vows, M-21 promises to himself that he will never forgive M-24.

In Lukedonia, the report of Seira is presented in attendance of the Lord. It is surmised that they need to send a clan leader over there as well as prepare for the attack that the Union will launch upon them. Karias offers to go but is overlooked. Gejutel suggests sending Rajak who is already away from Lukedonia for some purpose.

Back at Ye Ran, the children miss Raizel and get suspicious over the fact that the oppas and ajussi are also missing for a couple of days. The principal is also said to be away on a trip and nobody is answering their home phone. So, they decide to pay a visit to Principal Lee's. When they arrive, Frankenstein is worried to see them standing outside and he recalls the former conversation with his master. Frankenstein had pleaded Rai to enter hibernation otherwise his body won't suffice. Rai was worried that the children he had met won't be there when he wakes up and Frankenstein promise to wake him up soon.

The scene shifts back to present where Frankenstein is in an elevator which takes him to a lobby. He crosses it to enter a closed room. It opens to reveal the ornate casket with Rai lying in it.

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