Dr. Crombel tells Yuri to collect more data. Yuri expresses his foresight that they (Frankenstein & gang) will have enhanced their defenses by then. Crombel assures him that they will be preoccupied with the 5th, 7th and 8th Elders who will be there shortly. He deems it is impossible to withstand them even if the opponent is a clan leader. Crombel informs Yuri that his teammates are also on their way to join him. Once they arrive, Yuri is to take Mark and collect all data for Crombel.

Elsewhere, the intense training continues in the secluded island. The trainees fight on a regular basis, have their meals and check-ups as well. At home, Rai continues to sleep.

Back at the KSA, the three elders have arrived and they warn the KSA to prepare for the situations which will arise as their conflict with the enemy will not be easily resolved.

The scene shifts to the island where the four trainees are trying their luck to subdue Frankenstein. They attempt a group attack on him with M-21 and Regis attacking him from sides, Tao binding his legs while Takeo is about to land an aerial attack. However, Frankenstein uses his dark projectiles all over and emerges triumphant. While patching up themselves, the four trainees discuss how they would love to hit Frankenstein even it is for once or twice. Their trainer arrives and their conversation ends. Tao covers up for their discussion topic when suddenly he receives the news of the arrival of elders from KSA. Frankenstein tells it is time for them to go back.

At the city, the Elders watch the place crowded with humans and think of the nearby time when they will take full control over entire world after the full-fledged war with Lukedonia. One of the Elders think up of a way to make their enemies (whom she terms as "old-fashioned nobles") come to them. She transforms her hand and destroys a high-rise building.

Yuri's teammates comprising of Mark and another young boy, have joined him. They watch over from the top of another building as the invitation of conflict is sent from the Elders.

While the chaos is just beginning, Rai lies in his coffin, continuing his short period of hibernation.

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