Tao is kept posted on the actions of the three Elders who are wrecking havoc in the city. The trainer and trainees are on their way in the helicopter. Suddenly Seira calls them to inform that she is going to face the Elders herself. Regis, Tao and Takeo attempt to convince her not to go but she is determined. As a noble clan leader she finds it unjust to remain a mere spectator while innocent human lives are being thrown astray. She tells she will hold them until they arrive. She also conveys a message to Frankenstein that before going, she would do to Raizel's hibernating place what he had told her to previously. At this, Frankenstein assumes a serious demeanor and tell Tao to speed up. Seira enters Rai's hibernating room and fulfills the duty she was bestowed with. Then she leaves to face the Elders.

The city is on uproar. The three Elders, on the other hand, are bored seeing no opponent has responded yet. The 8th Elder has his share of fun after the 5th Elder while the 7th elder retains his patience. 

Meanwhile, at the Union base, the 9th Elder and Roctis are discussing about the beginning of war with Lukedonia. The latter remains a listener while his companion states how Lukedonia will be subdued soon. He comments that even clan leaders won't stand a chance to the three Elders who were sent: one of them having power equal to Roctis and another being a werewolf, one of the ruling class of beings.

At the city, the 8th Elder keeps on blasting everything. His last shot is stopped by Seira who has just entered the arena. The 5th Elder comments that she is beautiful. As Seira comes face to face, the Elder who has been quiet until then, speaks up and addresses her. Judging by her silver hair, he concludes that she must be of the Loyard Clan if not a Landeger. Seira introduces herself properly as the Loyard Clan Leader. The man fulfills his part of introduction by saying he is Zarga Siriana, a former noble clan leader. He is also the one who has murdered her father, the previous Loyard clan leader. While Seira's eyes are radiating fury at the last statement, Zarga further adds how her father begged him not to harm humans even before dying. 

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