Seira attacks but her blow is blocked by the 8th Elder. Zarga realizes the notion of a one-on-one face-off invitation and steps ahead to fight. He chides her for daring to challenge him and with a glare of his eye, aims a power blast at her. Although landing with several gashes, Seira manages to dodge and counter his attacks with the aid of her Death Scythe. He complements that she is strong for her age but that is all. He insults the Loyard Clan as the weakest of all noble clans and Seira gets furious. She wheels out the Grim Reaper from her Scythe and lands a massive blow right on Zarga. The place is engulf in smoke from the impact.

Elsewhere, Frankenstein decides to leave to join Seira and tells the others to stand guard at home. Revealing his own uncertainty about the outcome of fighting three Elders, he bids farewell to his trainees and jump from the helicopter.

Back at a building top, the assassins of Dr. Crombel discuss among themselves how to collect the data. Mark tells them that he has already arranged for the data to come to them; all he needs is to make a call.

Tao, Takeo, M-21 and Regis reach home and just then, M-21's cell phone rings. Tao is surprised since the phone is supposed to be anti-tracking and only they can call. M-21 puts it on speaker mode and hears M-24 (Mark) speaking. He is told to bring the rest of the data to the school where he works otherwise the children will die. All of them are shocked to hear this. Tao checks the children's cell phones but neither gets response nor is able to track them. He tells the other three to go ahead to rescue the children while he prepares some fake data.

The scene shifts to battlefield where the smoke clears to reveal an unharmed Zarga holding his soul weapon.

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