M-21 arrives at the school and comes face-to-face with M-24 aka Mark. Giving no scope for idle talk, M-24 demands the files. Just then M-21 receives confirmation via sensor that his teammates have ensured complete evacuation and are about to save the children. He then hands the data over to Mark and to his surprise, Yuri appears. Yuri checks and comments that the data doesn't look faked. Mark contacts Kalvin and tells him to get rid of the children. Just as Kalvin is about to execute his duty, the entire school lights up; the glare blocks their views and they look to find their captives as well as M-21 vanished.

Elsewhere Frankenstein, upon entering the battle scene, chides Zarga for fighting a young girl of age to be his granddaughter as well as for accepting another for a double attack. Zarga comments Frankenstein that he shouldn't be present there and finds it strange that Frankenstein is standing by Lukedonia. At this, Frankenstein finds it more surprising that a clan leader has become a Union elder and suspects Roctis has become the same. Seira gains conscious and she apologizes to Frankenstein for being unable to control her emotions and end up in that state. But Frankenstein assures her not to worry as there are times when he too cannot control his emotions.

Frankenstein releases his dark energy and rains his spears on the Elders. After the smoke from the impact clears, they find him standing with them from where he summons his Dark Spear.He is about to impale the 8th elder with it when Zarga hauls his blade to shield his fellow elder and then directs it to Frankenstein. However, Frankenstein redirects it to the 8th Elder, impaling him with Zarga's weapon. He also aims an attack on the 5th Elder who transforms her hand and blocks it. She remarks on the excellence of this unusual battle style. Noticing her transformation, Frankenstein learns the existence of a werewolf amidst the Elder rank. She states that she has heard about him - a human with immense powers that he's not supposed to have; and now after witnessing it, she agrees with the rumor.

By then the 8th Elder recovers and charges towards Frankenstein. The 5th Elder remarks it is foolish of him to have come alone. Zarga adds that he is overconfident like before. But Frankenstein laughs out disregarding the attack which is about to befell him and tells them he isn't alone. The 8th Elder who is just about to strike, suddenly cries out in agony as his whole body gets scathed and blood spurts out. Zarga comments it is a Kertia clan technique and indeed, the Kertia clan leader appears. Rajak makes his entrance and stands beside Frankenstein with Kartas drawn out.

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