The fight between Mark and M-21 continues on school grounds with Mark having the upperhand. However, M-21 pulls up an improved transformation to match the extents of his opponent and cuts off Mark's left hand.

On one side of the roof, Takeo is able to keep up with Yuri's speed and match him move for move. Yuri notes this increase in power and with a serious expression decides that he's not going to "give him anymore time". Kalvin tricks the trio to take pills which are actually poison under the pretense of handing them over the antidote to heal the children if they do so. It reduces the power of the trio tremendously. Regis keeps on attempting to get the antidote from Kalvin and Yuri comments on the ability of a noble seeing him withstand Kalvin's poison. He recalls Seira and mentions it would have been better if she was present. Just then a mysterious hooded noble arrives the battle scenario, fuming upon hearing their likes utter the name of Seira. That hooded figure is revealed to be Rael!

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