Rael gives the three of Crombel's assassins a taste of his spite. Being in Rael's mercy, Kalvin tries in desperation to threaten of destroying the antidote, however, Rael shows not the least concern. Regis pleads Rael for the antidote as it is the only thing that can save the children. Tao also implies the same from a different perspective; telling the children are friends to both Seira and 'him'. Yuri and Mark flee to save themselves while Kalvin is left behind to face Rael's wrath. Rael kills Kalvin but procures the antidote as well.

At the other battle site, the 6th Elder is revealed to be Urokai, another of the traitor clan leaders. He wishes to fight with Frankenstein but the 5th is unwilling to let go of her place seeing it unfit to let a totally uninjured man fight an already injured opponent. Meanwhile, Frankenstein is being consumed by his dark weapon and asks Seira and Rajak to keep their distance. To everyone's surprise, he takes the risk of being fully consumed by the darkness rending his power having increased manifolds. This time, he gambles his life to finish them all. He attacks the 5th, this time, managing to land serious wounds on her. The 5th finds it amazing that he is fighting all-out despite his injuries. Having recovered, the 8th Elder aims another of his sneak attack. Frankenstein easily evades it and appears right behind the shooter to obliterate him.

Frankenstein is in a totally berserk state and finally Raizel awakens from his slumber...

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