As a result of Urokai spearing him with his soul weapon, Frankenstein returns to his senses, although now gravely injured. Rajak gets hit by Zarga as well. The 5th Elder seems worried about Frankenstein, rending herself subject to Urokai's teasing. Frankenstein hits Urokai after recovering a bit but his opponent proves to have the upper hand in all aspects. Frankenstein gets hit again and again and stands open to a fatal blow. To his surprise, Seira takes on the blow. Urokai charges for her then and her left eye ends up getting badly wounded. As the other eye is about to be impaled too, Rajak saves her. Urokai is shocked to see a noble help another noble. He thinks it is pathetic. This time he aims at Frankenstein, Seira and Rajak at the same time. However, everyone is left surprised as the attack is stopped by no other person than Raizel himself!

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