The 5th Elder leaves to inform her fellow Elders about the existence of the Noblesse.

At the residence, Raizel watches the children kept in life support inside the lab. The others are in a different room discussing the current state of everyone. Frankenstein remarks that the children are stabilizing thanks to Tao's fast actions. Tao conveys the credit to Rael who did most of the work. Rajak and Seira are both surprised at this. But Rael is even more surprised to hear that traitor clan leaders are present among the Union elders. Further mention of Rai obliterating both 6th and 7th Elders cause the Raizel Knights worry and Regis expresses his concern. Rai must have used ample amount of his life force in the fight. Rajak shows to have known about it from before as Gejutel explained to him how the Noblesse uses his life force every time upon exerting power.

Frankenstein then tells them how the incident from 820 years ago had forced his master to hibernate in hiding for such a long time. What really happened then never came to light. It was only because his master has sought him out that they have met again; otherwise even his hundreds of years of searching resulted in vain. Only recently he has found out that his master's casket was located in the ocean all those years. A surprised M-21 realizes that the casket he and M-24 was sent to retrieve, actually contained Rai. He relates to all that it was a minor branch of the Union which fished out that casket from the ocean but it was stolen. He assumes the Union couldn't have known its importance since they sent minor agents like themselves to search for the stolen casket. Frankenstein agrees that he thought likewise too but now everything is clear to him. As he utters those words with pure agitation, splashes of blood drip from his wound.

Later Frankenstein joins his master to pacify his concern about the children. He further inquires about his health to which Rai replies that he is fine after the short slumber. But Rai lets out a shy smile seeing clearly that his follower has no trouble of guessing the truth.

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