The 5th Elder informs her fellow Elders about the loss of the other elders and her survival. They are surprised to hear that both 6th and 7th Elders are annihilated. But the worse shock comes when the 5th tells that their opponent was the Noblesse. Crombel wonders what is the being the others are talking about. He thinks and mistakes Frankenstein for the Noblesse. Roctis reacts more than anyone else and suggests informing 'them' about the turn of events when the other elders notice.

At the Chairman's office in Ye Ran building, Frankenstein and the RK team get updates from the KSA agents. They have information that other countries have received the same declaration from the Union that they are going to take over. What they don't understand is, if that was the motif of the Union from the beginning, why work from backscreens all this time. Frankenstein explains it was because of the nobles who watch over and interfere only if the circumstances are big enough. But the Union have gained much power overtime; power enough not to consider the nobles a threat. However, now that they have found out about his master, they will prepare new strategies to fulfill their objective.

Meanwhile, the news of battle reaches Lukedonia and Gejutel conveys it to the Lord with most other clan leaders present. A sudden disturbant aura draw their attention. It is Karias who has summoned his soul weapon and has been firing arrows continuously. The Lord inquires Gejutel about Karias' action and he replies that Karias is protesting to let him go outside!

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