Roctis Kravei is in a state of anxiety after learning about Cadis Etrama Di Raizel's existence. The 9th Elder pays him a visit as he's worried, and tries to reassure Roctis that even though the Noblesse is alive he can't be what he once was, and especially not after expending the power necessary to kill the 6th and 7th Elders. Roctis agrees to this, but says that Raizel's existence alone makes them afraid.The 9th Elder says he will make all the preparations he can, in case of the worst.

Their conversation is interrupted by Ignes who comes to find the 9th Elder. She wonders if her father is troubled by something but both Roctis and 9th assures her that he's fine. The 9th and her then begin to discuss an experiment that he feels they are ready to try and she follows him away enthusiastically, leaving Roctis to his silent contemplations.

Back at Frankenstein's house, Rael is making a commotion after seeing Regis and Seira preparing food for the humans. Rajak apologizes to Rai for all the commotion created by Rael. Rai tries to placate Rael by saying what a good cook Seira is, somewhat missing the point of Rael's concerns.

A little later they bring the food to the hospital for the children, who gush over how luxurious Seira has made their hospital eating habits. Rai, meanwhile, stares at a banana seeming somewhat puzzled. The children then notice Rael standing a little off to the side, looking angry. The kids talk loudly about how he's good looking but has a bit of "mean vibe" and ask who he is. Regis explains very simply that he's Seira's suitor. They are all stunned and look at Rael who shoots back a glare at them. So they all look away and change the subject to wondering what the trio is doing.

At Ye Ran, the trio is working hard to restore the school's facilities on Frankenstein's order as he wants the School to be opened as soon as possible. Tao is excited about this as Frankenstein promised them extra pay and, like always, Tao has tons of stuffs to buy. Tao manipulates the others to work hard by offering an enhanced nail file to M-21 and a modified toy gun to Takeo.

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