Frankenstein meets Dr. Crombel in the same place where they had first met. Crombel drags the conversation to propose a deal between them that they'll carry on their own activities without hindering each other.

Frankenstein returns home to his master and presents him with an earring similar to those that the previous Lord had made. Rai feels the presence of Dark Spear within it and deems it being the reason for Frankenstein's worsened condition. He accepts and wears it although the color, once again, is not to his liking.

Elsewhere, the 9th Elder as told to prepare for the worst, enters a gigantic chamber with a single container with a being sleeping within. The 9th Elder addresses him as 'Muzaka-nim' and says to himself that they might need to awaken him from slumber.

Another bright, sunny day and the two new noble lodgers in Frankenstein's household find the living room empty. As Rael and Rajak wonder where the occupants are, the household is busy in Ye Ran. Frankenstein finds himself facing bills and paper work, Takeo and M-21 checking out their rewards from Tao; Regis, Seira and the children attending class in their usual ways while Rai does what he likes the best - stares through the window.

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