Inside the throne room of the palace, the Lord's comment and aura left a totally different impression on Frankenstein than that he had from the clan leaders. The person who summoned him repeatedly reminded Frankenstein that he should have come to introduce himself rather than answer the summoning. He also fretted on Raizel not keeping his word on bringing Frankenstein to see him. Seeing they were only beating the bush, Gejutel requested their Lord to get to the point. The Lord then wished Gejutel and Ragar to leave them alone so that they can have a private conversation as their presence will hinder the human's frankness. Although unwilling, Ragar and Gejutel took their leave after the latter had expressed his ardent request to the Lord to retain his dignity while talking with the human!

Urokai met Ragar and Gejutel outside the throne room and on hearing about the private interview; he became even more annoyed with Frankenstein.

With none else to interfere, the previous Lord asked Frankenstein about his stay in Lukedonia the past 10 years. The fact that Frankenstein chose to shrug off his pursuers by posing as a butler in the Noblesse's mansion was the most amusing story that he had heard so far. Since Frankenstein had stayed with Raizel all those years, the Lord remarked that he must have noticed how Raizel lived: imprisoning himself within that distant mansion and only looking outside from a single window. Being the Noblesse, he could have chosen to live a free life but he decided to make it harder for himself. At this, Frankenstein asked the noble Lord if his master Raizel had been lonely like this. The Lord replied that Raizel had been a lonely man until Frankenstein came around and finally Rai was not alone anymore. He then asked Frankenstein if they had formed a contract and was surprised to learn they had not. He cleared Frankenstein's concept of a contract which is common among humans as a process of giving and taking blood. Blood is only a medium while the main thing to a contract is the agreement between the contractor and contractee. Then the Lord suggested Frankenstein to hurry and ask Raizel to make a contract with him. With this he bade him farewell. However, as Frankenstein retraced his steps out of the room, he was stopped by the Lord and was told to take care of Raizel.

Later, Roctis, Zarga and Urokai visited Rai who conjectured their true reason behind more frequent visits to be the presence of Frankenstein. Roctis apologised and revealed their worry. Urokai further imposed the threat of a human who was already infamous among humans for his brutality. Understanding their anxiety, Raizel ascertained them that he would take care. At this, Urokai broke out a smile of satisfaction for the first time!

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