Raizel decides to take a stroll around the Ye Ran grounds with Frankenstein accompanying him. They watch Shinwoo and Ik-Han playing soccer. Shinwoo scores a match-winning goal with Ik-Han's assist. Yuna and Suyi congratulate the boys and Rai smiles at the children. 

Tao, Takeo and M-21 join Rai and Frankenstein as the soccer star of Ye Ran, Shinwoo and Ik-Han go back to playing. Tao boasts of the new facilities he has added with the repair work. Heaps of expenditure has been made in installing security cameras, sensors, evacuation system, hideaways and even battle gears within the school. Frankenstein could only listen patiently as Tao keeps on talking about his vast expenditures. But he breaks more sweats when the children decide to celebrate their victory at his house.

In the evening, the children have come over at Frankenstein's place to celebrate. Seira and Regis serve the gorgeous looking food. Rael is shocked to see his elder brother in pink apron! Rajak explains that the trio requested he temporarily manage their work as they'd be returning home later than usual. As a noble, he has decided to uphold their request. An aghast Rael finds it completely unfitting of a clan leader to wear the weird outfit and do that sort of work. But Rajak doesn't find it strange at all to aid humans and specially to do something for Raizel's friends. Rael, however, preserves his discontentment.

At the dining table, the children devour the deliciousness. Shinwoo's got sauce on his face and is unable to wipe the right spot. Suddenly Seira leans across the table to wipe up Shinwoo's face. Everyone except the nobles blush profusely at the unexpected move. Regis lectures Shinwoo on his table manners and turns to Rael. There stands a petrified Rael with his brother turning back to solemnly accomplish the duty handed to him (dish cleaning)!

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