Tao conveys the news of the KSA being attacked to Raizel and Frankenstein in Rajak's presence. He also announces the name of the attacker as Regis has reported: Ignes Kravei

In the battlefield, Ignes greets Rael and recalls the time he as a kid, always used to tag along with them. She sympathies assuming he doesn't own a soul weapon like his brother, the clan leader does. Ignes also offers him to join her to attain powers beyond a clan leader like she has. However, Rael scowls at Ignes calling her a traitor. She comments he has really grown up and attacks; clearly impressed by his reflect speed.

Meanwhile, Seira is having harder time keeping up with the weapons; barely managing to defend rather than putting up a solid attack. Rael shouts her name again and Ignes realises they are much more than mere acquaintances. She frowns why he has to like a clan leader like Seira, calling her names. Rael responds with his Grandia and Ignes is left stunned how even a non-clan leader possesses a soul weapon. She decides to turn Rael into an experimental object as well and orders her weapons to capture him.

The weapons attack but Rael evades and counters with agility. But they seem to attack relentlessly. At that time, Seira cuts off an arm of a weapon. This makes Ignes go berserk and she plunges her hand through Seira's body, creating a hole in her mid-waist. Rael watches aghast and shouts out to Seira who is now being held by the throat by a berserk Ignes.

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