After days of swimming across the ocean, Rael and Regis reach the secret island where Ignes has brought Seira. At first, Rael wants to scout the area and rescue Seira himself but Regis deems it wiser to switch tasks. However, Rael insists he is stronger than Regis and would be able to withstand the strain. They agree on scouting the entire place to look for Seira rather than await reinforcements.

Meanwhile, Roctis is thinking of the silence that his fellow clan leaders have fallen into compared to their reaction when they heard of Raizel's presence. He deems it advantageous for them to join the Union to resolve the issue. The 9th Elder joins him shortly to inform of Ignes' arrival and the ruckus she has caused in the KSA. The 9th Elder also mentions her taking the anti-clan leader weapons. At this, Roctis is quite enraged and goes to Ignes with the 9th Elder.

At the lab, Ignes is surprised to see her father and the 9th elder walk in. Despite the serious looks, she shows them her latest achievement: acquiring the best test subject - Seira, the Loyard clan leader. Both the visitors share an astounded look as they watch the unconscious body of the clan leader hung in front of them. The 9th Elder congratulates Ignes in her feat. Ignes then gives Seira the regular dose to repel her regeneration - a face-on blast. Roctis silently watches his daughter's cruelty as the latter rejoices in her actions. Ignes then offers the 9th elder a present - nobles of the purest blood who have followed her. She offers them as specimen to fight and collect data. The 9th Elder is excited at this news and sets out to procure more specimens.

Rael and Regis cannot find the entrance. Instead they get caught by the 9th elder from behind who offers to show the entrance if they come with him.

Back at the Ye Ran precincts, the special security face Yuri and Mark who have come with Dr. Crombel's permission. They have come to finish the unsettled matches. Yuri thinks that it is the best time now that the opponents they must avoid are absent and the non-clan leader nobles have gone pursuing Ignes.

Yuri looks at the 'easy prey'. However, before anyone could start fighting, Karias steps in right on time!

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