Karias greets the Ye Ran Special Security upon his arrival and Tao tells him that they were informed of his arrival by their boss beforehand. He then turns with a glare to the enemies: Yuri and Mark. He assures the trio that the school will remain unharmed and he'll take care of the enemies so fast that they won't realise when they die. Yuri, having sensed from Karias' presence that he might be a clan leader of superior level, passes the matter as a joke and takes their leave as soon as possible. With the troublemakers gone, Tao thanks Karias for coming but wonders what delayed his arrival since Frankenstein gave them the notice of his coming a few days ago. It couldn't possibly be that Karias has been waiting for the right time to show up, was it?

Elsewhere, the 2nd Elder has summoned the 5th Elder. He knows about the incident Ignes has caused and the existence of anti-clan leader weapons that they have secretly created. He has always suspected the 4th Elder and his followers were keeping secrets from the Union. He orders her to personally investigate the 4th Elder and their movements under the pretence of investigating the incident.

On the island, Rael and Regis are caught. The 9th Elder brings out one of the weapons to fight them. Rael makes his move so that Regis could get away but Regis creates an opening for him to damage it. However, the 9th elder pins him while Ignes attacks Rael from behind. Thus they procure two new experimental subjects.

Just then, Raizel, Frankenstein and Rajak arrive on the island following Rael's trail.

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