Sangeen and Yonsu drive rapidly towards the EMP area, having been informed by the KSA agents. They also get told that the Union are revealing nothing and as a result they instruct the agents to secure the area as soon as possible.

The children wonder if the two Nobles are fighting as the two argue from distance. Regis asks if Rael is going to fight the enemy they don't even know about but Rael asks him if he wants the children involved. Regis gets his point and tells him that he will be back to support him. Regis approaches the children and leads them away. As he watches the children go away, Rael suspects that the children will inevitably get involved if they are heading this way. The children all want Rael to go with them but Regis insists that they shut up and come with him. Rael decides to lure the enemy away from the area, a tactic he does not like at all as he is an assassin by nature and departs the area. Shinwoo realises that Rael has disappeared and wonders where he went but soon the children return to the topic of power loss.  

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