Raizel receives a call from Frankenstein while standing above a building, citygazing with Muzaka. Frankenstein informs his master that Regis and Rael has gotten involved with fighting enemies and the trio (Tao, Takeo and M-21) has arrived in the city. As for them (Frankenstein, Karias and Seira), they might not make it on time to help out in the battle. Rai understands the situation and leaves Muzaka staring while he dashes towards the direction of the fight.

Rael disapproves of Regis' arrival as he might get himself killed too. Regis is astonished to hear Rael admit that the enemy is stronger than him. He rules out the option of retreat saying it is not possible anymore, since if it is as Rael says, they probably can't even run away. Grui, who is clearly annoyed at the appearance of 'another weakling', reminds Gaitan that both are his preys and goes on the offensive. Grui decides to finish off Regis first but Rael deflects his attack. The fight continues in which Grui is in clear control, as even the combined forces of the young nobles prove no match for him. A direct hit lands on Regis and sends him crashing onto the ground. Rael continues fighting Grui in order to stop him from finishing Regis off.

While Regis helplessly watches Rael getting pummeled by Grui, he recalls Gejutel's words. His noble will to protect his comrades reach the soul weapon of the Landegre Clan. Gejutel, who is in Lukedonia, senses that his soul weapon is resonating at the summon Regis has made. Glad with the intense willpower, he relinquishes his soul weapon which reaches Regis. The souls within the weapon answer Regis' will and appear to him as a form of light, telling him to grab hold of it. Just as Regis holds the light, he emerges from a power discharge, shocking everyone with his appearance with a soul weapon. As both friend and foes stare at him in disbelief, Regis' eyes reveal his fiery will to protect his comrades.

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