Gaitan tells his opponents that they can't hurt him. However, Tao smirks as he remarks the contrast in Gaitan's words - going from "I'll kill you in an instant" to "You can't hurt me." Gaitan admits that he underestimated the trio. He notes their abilities as similar to werewolves and even notes the unpleasant aura from Takeo and Tao. Gaitan stops the conversation and continues their battle, airming a powerful punch towards M-21. M-21 skids backward but before he could prepare himself, the werewolf is on him again. Gaitan jumps toward M-21 and lands directly on him, the ground breaking from the impact. Gaitan then turns back to face Takeo and Tao but M-21 suddenly springs up and attacks the werewolf. However, Gaitan catches M-21's fist and comments that the copied abilities were not bad but not good enough to handle him. He packs another punch which sends M-21 flying. Gaitan readies to attack again but Tao assists his comrade by taking hold of the opponent's arm with his dark aura whip. Gaitan wonders how it hurts him so much. Nevertheless, he makes use of the whip to pull Tao toward him. Tao avoids the impact and this time, Takeo assists him by firing dark-aura bullets toward the werewolf. Gaitan notices the same power used by Takeo and Tao uses the distraction to attack. Gaitan appears from the smoke, small wounds visible, and asks what kind of power Takeo and Tao possess. M-21 attacks again, trying to slash at the opponent but Gaitan simply steps back to avoid the attack. As they continue their fight, Takeo and Tao decide to use more dark power. Rael and Regis notice as the dark aura gets stronger. The scene shifts to Gaitan and M-21, the former jeering on his opponent. Tao attacks from the side, slicing the ground in half. Gaitan notes the increase in power just as Takeo rushes to attack him. A huge cloud of smoke and dust forms from the impact, hiding the fighters from view. Gaitan reappears, visibly injured, while Takeo and Tao stand side by side with their stronger dark power.

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